Kuo Kau Paper Products Co., Ltd.

Kuo Kau Paper Products Co., Ltd. develops and manufactures professional plastic and paper products including playing cards, educational cards, game cards as well as jigsaw puzzles. All products are made in Taiwan. We proudly introduce ourselves as a leading benchmark for competitors across Asia,with products and services that also entertain great popularity among customers in the US, mid-east and Europe.

Custom Playing Cards in Bulk

Kuo Kau Paper Products Co., Ltd. is your leading industry resource for manufacturers and product information on the custom playing cards in bulk, custom playing cards. Going forward, our company will continue to develop smaller, lower power consumption devices and solutions that maximize performance and bring added value. We guarantee the quality of our products, since we deal only with authorized and reliable custom playing cards in bulk manufactures, and our custom playing cards you buy from us will fit your needs perfectly.
Using poker cards as company advertisements, promotions or gifts is a classical and long-lasting strategy. But to make a classic stand out relies on the brand’s creativity and its insistence on quality. With extensive experiences in custom playing cards, Kuo Kau Paper Products can produce high quality company gifts, advertisement supplies, and souvenirs with delicate graphics and ingenious designs to fulfill customers’ various needs.

Easy to be Professional and Unique

Want to craft to the finest? Need to strike a balance between quality and budget? Let Kuo Kau make all happen for you! Kuo Kau Paper Products provides full customized service where you can design your own and unique 54 card graphics from front to back to achieve the best advertising performance; or you can also use our semi-customized service, with your own illustration as card back pattern, and choose from over 20 different design templates of international card games for the card face. Our templates including standard index, four-corner index, jumbo index for elderly players, and European language suits such as German, French, Russian and Spanish playing cards.

Having been in the industry for more than 40 years, Kuo Kau has created every deck of cards with exquisite design. Whether on paper or plastic cards, Kuo Kau can surely provide high quality products which are far beyond the average printing manufacturers.

Material and Size at Your Choice

You can choose plastic or paper card for customization. Kuo Kau ensures using 100 percent plastic for plastic playing cards, which are not only high abrasion resistant for repeated use, but also safe and non-toxic, completely free of formaldehyde, cadmium, lead, and potassium phosphate. Our custom plastic playing cards are available in white, black and transparent, as well as 6 thickness levels, which can suit various styles no matter they are orthodox and classic, trendy and creative, or exquisite and elegant.

Made of European imported black core paper, Kuo Kau’s paper playing cards are bend-resistant, flexible and opaque. A Special eco-friendly water-based varnish is used to make the cards beautiful, smooth and durable, suitable for professional players to play and practice for a long time. Our custom paper playing cards are available in 3 weights as well as 6 thickness levels for various leisure occasions.

We have also considered the size of customized poker cards for you! Except for the most common bridge card size (58x88mm) and poker card size (62x88mm), we also provide mini playing cards, A4 sized playing cards, and special shaped playing cards. Try a deck of custom mini poker cards and immediately catch the hearts of your friends from all ages!

Beyond professional in every aspects

Designing the patterns with care. Choosing the materials with care. Even the packaging boxes are made with utmost care and attentive. You can use common tuck box or plastic box, or choose from a variety of hanging box, rigid box, faux book box, drawer box, tin box, leather box, or wooden box to match the suit, pattern or theme of playing card deck and create a unique atmosphere. In addition, we provide different packaging methods such as single, double and multi-pack to meet the needs of different applications or distribution.
Kuo Kau Paper Products Co., Ltd. is proud to offer all of the leading brands in performance custom playing cards in bulk, custom playing cards, at prices suitable for any budget. Most importantly, we back every one of our products with the best one-on-one customer service you'll find anywhere. For over 40 years, we've offered the trusted custom playing cards to fit our customer's requirement. We intend to meet the desired requirements of our clients with efficient raw materials and process selection. Thank you for your time and business, if you have any questions or needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.