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Magazine in Korea:Designhouse

Magazine in Korea:Designhouse

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Are there different playing cards that we can easily buy on the market? Yes. Playing cards delivered to professional casinos must be consistently of high quality and secured. Only five companies worldwide are authorized to supply cards to casinos. In Asia, with the exception of US and European companies, Kuo Kau Paper Products is one of the makers in Asia.

Founded in 1979, they only make professional playing cards until now. There are about 200 employees in the factory and 20 people in the head quarter. Three of the designers showcase their new card collections each season in two ways: their own work and customized design. The card, introduced in April 2019, is made of 0.27mm transparent plastic, which is transparent in the front and back. The pattern can be changed as many as possible without being reflected.

New Year's Eve, we will be playing a card with a 12-gauge animal, Taiwanese have fun waiting for this card every year. Customizing cards are also an axis of business, and you can make a card with a characterized illustration of a couple by sending a couple photo. In the future, they will reduce the portion of B2B business and increase direct sales, and now we can buy Kuo Kau's various cards on Amazon.

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