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Tarot Cards - Big size English Version

Tarot Cards - Big size English Version

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We always have questions about life. Going to a fortune teller and worrying about the fate faded after that? There's a better option, through a deck of Tarot cards, to tap into your inner voice and clarify the dilemma of your own life.

There are 78 cards per deck in 2 sizes: middle Tarot 60x110mm / large Tarot 75x130mm. There are English, Spanish and Russian versions for middle Tarot playing cards that you can choose. Besides, you can also decide the card material as paper or plastic, in standard tuck box package.You can also request for custom Tarot cards, to make your own Tarot game.

Our Tarot playing cards are made in Taiwan. The quality is excellent and guaranteed.
Minimum order of 1,008 decks.

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