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Magic Playing Cards

Magic Playing Cards

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Magicians who have a place in the entertainment industry are combining elements of mystery, magic, emotion and expression seamlessly. What mystery is hidden in the magic of playing cards? Everyone can change the tricks, and each trick is ingenious and different. Therefore, the magic playing cards are very essential.

There are two kinds of magic cards: tapered magic cards and Svengali magic cards.

The tapered magic cards come with an instruction card. Don’t worry about how to use it. In fact, the upper left corner of the back card is secretly marked, and the width of the card is 1 mm different from the top and bottom, so that you can get the hints of the suit and number of the card. See, it's very easy to play magic!

Svengali magic cards are consisting of 27 cards with longer length and 27 cards with shorter length, and these 27 shorter cards have the same suit and numbers. The 27 longer cards are without varnish treatment, which will make the 27 shorter cards with varnish treatment have the effect of being attached to it, and easily hidden.

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