Black Playing Cards
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Black Playing Cards - Animal Series (With Partial Special Gloss Varnish)


Black Playing Cards - Animal Series (With Partial Special Gloss Varnish)

Use the Cool Black playing cards to lead the street trend! With a complete series of design concept to perform cool street styles, Kuo Kau’s black playing cards are destined to reverse the stereotype of poker cards.

The Conquering Camouflage Bulldog
Kuo Kau’s Cool Black Bulldog playing card deck use camouflage and bulldog, two important figures in American culture, as the main theme to design poker cards of powerful masculine charisma. Being tough and muscular, American bulldog are just like the mighty U.S. army soldiers on dramas or movies, so using camouflage as background will be a perfect match.

The playing card design emphasizes the Bulldog's gleaming fierce eyes, sharp fangs, and distinctly shaped face. The lively pattern and color vividly convey the warn of "Bad Dog Inside!"

Want to intimidate your opponent? This black card deck is the right weapon for you.

The Favorite of Tough Players
Anytime and anywhere, when you want a game of poker and show off your tough personality, the Cool Black Bulldog playing card deck is your best companion. Kuo Kau’s Cool Black playing card series feature uncommon reverse black and white design, with white numbers on the full black card face, and partially special gloss varnished pattern on the black back, both make the card deck more remarkable. Imagine throwing out black plastic cards on the asphalt road, one after another—just like leaving footprints of your own existence.

The Untaintable Street Overlord
Plastic cards are completely waterproof and highly scratch-resistant. From the material to the pattern, this card series is indeed born for true street fighters! This card deck has a thick and tough touch, and is not easy to be damaged. Whether it is on the street side, basketball court, muddy roads or desert areas, you can play these black cards with ease without doubt.

In addition to the standard version, Kuo Kau also provides a variety of colors and packaging for you to customize your own plastic playing cards. Our cards are all made in Taiwan, with excellent quality assurance. Minimum order: 1,008 decks.
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Royal 塑膠撲克牌-兩角
Material Bridge, Black plastic thickness 0.31mm with matt finish. (PVC 0.31 black matt)
Coating Unique coating on both sides.
Card Size Bridge, 58x88mm.
Number of Cards 54 cards per deck.
Face side Our design imprint.
Back side Our design imprint.
Packing Each deck is shrink wrapped in a plastic box.
Delivery packaging 36 decks in an inner box. 144 decks in a master carton.
12 decks in our design display box paid service is available.

Safety/Quality Approvals
CE-EN 71,Part 1,2,3/ASTM F 963/CPSIA