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Ludo Game


Ludo Game Board Game

Ludo is a strategic dice flying chess board game for 2-4 players, in which players play their four pieces according to a single roll of dice. Ludo is derived from the Indian cross play game, but simpler (Pachisi evolved from the ancient Chausar game).

In North America, this flying chess game is also called Parcheesi.
In Spain, they call it "Parchís" or "Parkase" in Spanish and "Parxís" in Catalan.
In Brazil, Ludo is called "Fubica".
In France, it is named "Petits Chevaux" (little horse) or "Le Jeu de Dada" (Dada's game is the colloquialism of "horse"), usually with horse head work.

Game rules:
1. Each player has four pieces. The first player to make the four flying chess pieces reach the base camp wins the championship. The rest players continue to win the second and third places, while the last player to reach the base camp loses the game.
2. Only when the player rolls 6 points, can the flying chess piece be removed.
3. When the player rolls 6 points, they can get the extra ability to roll the dice.
4. If a player throws 6 points in three consecutive games, his/her round will be skipped.
5. The player must always move the pieces according to the number of points thrown. Skip is not allowed. If it is unable to move, the round will move to the next player.
6. If a piece arrives at the flying chess base camp, the player has extra power to roll the dice.
7. If a flying chess piece captures another player's flying chess piece, then the capturer gets an extra dice roll power.
8. These are the safe areas for all flying chess pieces, regardless of color.
9. Flying chess pieces must be removed and circled in a circle before they can enter the base camp.

Custom design and sizing is welcomed. Please contact us for more details.
board game set
Game Board Size 500 x 500 mm fold to 250 x 250 mm
Material 2mm cardboard with glossy PP lamintation on face side + Black fancy paper on back side
Content Standard Game Board x 1 pc, 12mm dice (square corner) x 2 pc, Game pawn x 16 pcs
Packing Details Each set in a rigid box then shrink wrap, 10 sets in a master carton