Black Playing Cards
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Greek Mythology Black Playing Cards - Purple Vines


Greek Mythology Black Playing Cards - Purple Vines

With a deck of Greek Mythology black playing cards in hand, you can own the most touching legends from the far ancient times to the present. Kuo Kau’s new product, the Greek Mythology black playing card deck, presents the fascinating stories of Greek gods with their gorgeous character graphics.

The Black Poker Shows Charming Romance

Kuo Kau’s Greek Mythology black playing cards are made of matte material and feature a colorful set of front graphic designs and two back artwork versions, Green Magic and Purple Vines. The ultimate artistic performance and meticulous printing would surely suit your exquisite taste of high-grade personalized poker cards.

The Purple Vines version, on the other hand, is made with delicate lines of flowers and botanical patterns, along with a central rhombus diamond and vines, creating an atmosphere of the dwelling place of the Greek gods and mysterious creatures. Once you open the card, you will step into another magical world.

The Gorgeous Power of Gods Shines on the Card

Design. Is. Everything. This deck of cards has not only fine pattern design on the back, but also gorgeous graphic on the face. The J, Q, K and Ace of each suit has a different character, making a total of 16 different mythological figures; there is also a two-color Joker card. The characters chosen include not only the most famous Zeus the king of gods, Artemis the goddess of hunt, Apollo the god of sun, but also some rare gods such as Hermes - the god of herding and Eros - the god of attraction. Using this deck in card games, and create your own immersive fantastic experience!

The half portraits are painted in bright colors, and the costumes, accessories, expressions and movements are all vivid and unique. In addition, on the black background, the symbols in Greek Mythology, such as olive tree and wheat ear, are delicately outlined in gold, making the overall design more rich and lively. In addition to gaming, this deck is also your best partner in divination and magic shows to help shows your stage charisma.

Delicate, Flexible and Untaintable 

This deck of cards is made of high-grade plastic, waterproof, scratch-resistant and highly flexible. Just as the powerful Greek gods who are unfear of tough environments and weathers, you can bring this card deck to everywhere as you like with ease.

From the gold bordered number on black card face, to the purple & green gold foiled black tuckbox, the 58x88mm sized Greek Mythology black playing card deck perfectly shows classical Greek aesthetic style from any angle, fully revealing the mysterious and precious atmosphere. The classical lore can reach far and wide, so as this card deck which is suitable for various uses, such as personal collections, gifts, and museum souvenirs.

In addition to the standard version available for export, Kuo Kau also provides a variety of colors and packaging for you to customize your own plastic playing cards. Our poker cards are all made in Taiwan, with excellent quality assurance. Minimum order: 1,008 decks.
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greek black playing cardsgreek black playing cards
Material Bridge, Black plastic thickness 0.31mm with matt finish.(PVC 0.31 black matt)
Coating Unique coating on both sides.
Card Size Bridge, 58x88mm.
Number of Cards 54 cards.
Face side Our design imprint.
Back side Our design imprint.
Packing Each deck in our design tuck box then shrink wrap.
Delivery packaging 36 decks in an inner box. 144 decks in a master carton.
12 decks in our design display box paid service is available.

Safety/Quality Approvals
CE-EN 71,Part 1,2,3/ASTM F 963/CPSIA