『Tiger Unity』Plastic Playing Cards - New Year Gift Set

Power Up the New Year with Kuo Kau’s Special Designed Year of the Tiger Playing Cards

Lunar New Year is the most important festival in Chinese culture. Let the magnificent and gorgeous Kuo Kau Plastic Playing Cards - Tiger Year Gift Set accompany you to start a fun, bright and powerful new year! New year is also a time to let go the old and bring in the new, so get your hands on some nice new collectibles in the festival vibes soon!

Kuo Kau’s special New Year Tiger Playing Cards are available in 3 version: 2 single decks "Tiger Power: Tiger/Tigress–New Year Edition", and 1 double deck set “Tiger Unity - New Year Gift Set”. The back pattern of “Tiger Unity” consists of red and green leaves along with purple and white peonies, displaying a majestic and wealthy aura. “Tiger Power” features the foliage plants and gorgeous colors of tropical rainforest, and within the leaves and flowers a tiger lowers its torso to concentrates on a upcoming hunt, showing the mystical beauty of wild animals.

A deck of Year of the Tiger playing cards contains 16 different poses (the J, Q, K and Ace in each suit) of tiger. When examining the various movements on the court cards, you will surely be overwhelmed by the wild power and beauty of the King of the Beast. The poses of Tiger on 2 Joker cards are also different: a majestic tiger and a determined tigress, both glaring fiercely on the player, as if they will be alive at the next second. The suits on the card faces are all bordered with a gold trim, giving the diamond and heart rich and auspicious red/gold contrasts, and the spade and club calm and elegant black/gold color schemes.

We have designed unique version especially for the Year of the Tiger for distributers to meet the needs of Lunar New Year gifts. This collector-grade white plastic poker card face is matte finished under special processing, which not only prevents dirt and stain, but also creates a smooth and comfortable touch. The Year of the Tiger playing cards are not only durable, but also suitable for corporate gifts; with both powerful atmosphere and delicate design ingenuity, the best sincerity is fully shown. Our cards are all made in Taiwan, with excellent quality assurance.

Minimum order of 1,008 decks.
Material Bridge, White plastic thickness 0.31mm with matt finish. (PVC 0.31 matt)
Coating Unique coating on both sides.
Card Size Bridge, 58x88mm.
Number of Cards 54 cards x 2 decks.
Face side Our design imprint.
Back side Our design imprint.
Packing Two decks in a plastic box.
Delivery Packaging 18 sets in an inner box. 72 sets in a master carton.
Safety/Quality Approvals
CE-EN 71,Part 1,2,3/ASTM F 963/CPSIA


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