American Mahjong Paper Playing Cards (Economy Pack)

Wherever there are Chinese, there is mahjong! Kuo Kau introduces Taiwan mahjong and American mahjong paper playing cards with a pastel and playful design that will fascinate players across generations once again!

The Worldwide Popular Mahjong Culture

It is said that mahjong evolved from the Madiao (means horse hanging) cards and became popular during the Ming and Qing dynasties. There are 144 tiles in total, including 136 basic tiles such as ten-thousands, bamboo sticks, dots, characters and winds; 8 flower tiles and 8 season tiles. A winning hand is made of four or five melds (a specific pattern of three pieces) and the eyes (a pair of identical pieces). Common ways of playing mahjong include 13-card mahjong, 16-card mahjong, Japanese mahjong, etc. Mahjong can be spotted in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia, and even Japan, wherever there are Chinese people.

This economical package contains 152 mahjong cards and an instruction manual. The streamlined packaging is easier to carry around and is a good companion when traveling! Even if there are no dice, it will not affect the mahjong game!
In the U.S., the mahjong has evolved into a 152-card Western-style mahjong game, with 8 more joker tiles. The National Mah Jong League releases the official American mahjong rules every year. Although players can swap tiles with each other, there are more restrictions on completing a winning hand, so it is definitely not easier than Chinese mahjong! Whether you haven't played mahjong yet, or you are already an enthusiast, the Taiwanese mahjong and American mahjong from Kuo Kau are meant to satisfy you!

Portable and Play Whenever You Want
The original mahjong was usually made of ivory or animal bones, The cubic shape is its distinguishing feature, but is also a limitation to the play space. Kuo Kau's mahjong playing cards are made of Black Core paper, which is easier to carry and hold compared to the original cubic tile.

A complete deck of Kuo Kau Mahjong Playing Cards includes 152 cards and 1 instruction manual.

Inherit the Oriental Quintessence with Modern Images

Unlike common mahjong which retains a traditional brush-and-ink style on the tiles, Kuo Kau Mahjong Playing cards have bright, lively, pastel colors on the card faces, and packaged in Tiffany blue box. The funny and adorable flat vector graphics with bright colors add a modern vibe to the classic table game. No matter old or young, everyone will certainly love this design. Besides those who love classic culture and entertainment, it is also suitable for various markets such as dealer gifts, Chinatown souvenirs, or those who love trendy designs.
Kuo Kau Mahjong Playing Cards are rectangle cards 45x88mm in size. In addition to the suits in the center of each card, numbers and suits are also written on the diagonal corners, making it much easier to read and more comfortable to play.

Our playing cards are all made in Taiwan, with excellent quality guaranteed. For more customization and packaging methods, please contact Kuo Kau, and we will do our best bringing your imagination and blueprint to reality. Minimum order quantity: 1,000 decks.

American Mahjong Paper Playing Cards (Economy Pack)
American Mahjong Paper Playing Cards (Economy Pack)
Material 310gsm black core paper with smooth finish. (SIK-S310 Smooth)
Coating Water based overprint varnish on both sides.
Card Size 45x88 mm
Number of Cards 152 cards.
Face side Our design imprint.
Back side Our design imprint.
Accessory 1 Instruction manual
Packing 152 cards per deck. Each deck with 1 instruction manual into Tuck Box then shrink wrap.
Delivery packaging 36 decks in an inner box, 144 decks in a master carton.