Plastic Playing Cards

Being designed for gamers featuring long-time gaming and suitable size, Kuo Kau’s ROYAL®, Queen®, NOBLE®, Bosswin® and Premium® brands are high durability plastic poker and bridge size playing cards.

The Best Choice for Casual Gaming
Kuo Kau's ROYAL® and Queen® waterproof plastic playing cards are designed to suit the needs of the world's most popular bridge game. Bridge games are known as skill over luck and long-playing time, which make them good for socializing with friends and family. Therefore, durable and waterproof plastic playing cards are more suitable for bridge games in families and clubs, as well as various social poker games.

Produced with our dedicated spirit of "Royalty and Exquisite Craftsmanship,” ROYAL® and Queen® plastic cards have a delicate, easy-to-read International suit design that allows every player to immerse themselves in the excitement of puzzle games. While retaining the high-quality International standard, both are also available in special decks such as two-deck set, large fonts, European-suited, Western-suited, French-suited, and Russian-suited.

NOBLE® and Bosswin® plastic cards, made of white matte PVC, are hi-end products for professional poker players. With better materials, better touch and better durability, they are widely loved by China players.

Premium® perfectly suits traditional German card games, such as ROMME (55 cards including 3 Jokers), SKAT (32 cards), and DOPPELKOPF (50 cards). Feeling a little bit tired of regular poker? Try out these games in different cultures!

Made of 100% high-grade plastic, Kuo Kau’s plastic playing cards are highly durable, completely waterproof and unbreakable, and at the same time have a smooth and silky touch. With Our plastic playing cards in hands, you can enjoy food and drinks while playing poker with friends and family without worrying about staining your cards.

These beautifully glaring cards, being precisely and smoothly cut, are made from safe and non-toxic materials, completely free of formaldehyde, cadmium, lead, and potassium phosphate. Kuo Kau ensures safety for customers for long time playing and practicing.
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