Transparent Playing Cards

Traditional playing cards are classic but feeling a bit out of fashion? These waterproof, beautiful, fun and innovative transparent playing cards will make you the center of attention at every party.

Attractive, Decorative, a Must-to-Collect
Kuo Kau’s transparent boutique playing cards deck combines the technique of illusion principle and see-through design together, concealing the pattern and numbers in opaque areas to make most of the card transparent. Whether it uses a mosaic-like design that blends the suits into subtle pixel arts, or borrows a circle, an animal, or a geometric shape to cleverly cover the back text, the transparent boutique playing cards can bring a renovative poker gaming experience.

The special poker card will surely give your opponent a hidden itch at the first sight. Being able to calmly observe the subtle changes in your opponent's expressions through the transparent cards in hand, the sweet winning is surely resting in your hand. This deck of transparent boutique playing cards is a must have for collectors. With a variety of delicate patterns, they will surely stand out in your collection.

Waterproof Material that makes Every Day the Party Day
Made of 100% high-grade plastic, Kuo Kau’s transparent boutique playing cards are highly durable, completely waterproof and unbreakable, and at the same time have a smooth and silky touch. With a variety of innovative designs, the transparent boutique playing cards are ideal for not only the senior poker enthusiasts, but also for players of all ages.

The crystal-clear playing cards are perfect for sunny outdoor events, from beach parties, picnics and camping to water activities such as boating and paddle boarding. Imagine having a fancy and functional deck of playing cards for a drinking game or a pool party that will definitely add to the fun.
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