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Tiger Power Tiger Black Playing Cards  New Year Edition


『Tiger Power:Tiger』Black Playing Cards – New Year Edition

When the Clear Moon of Lunar New Year Shine, the Fierce Tiger Would Patrol at the Night

Kuo Kau’s Black Playing Card- Tiger Year Gift Set, which is specially designed for Lunar New Year, is now also available in black version! The powerful tiger and bright background pattern look extraordinarily luxurious on the calm and reserved black card face. Let the black tiger poker cards accompany you to start a bright and stylish new year!

Kuo Kau’s exclusively designed Black Playing Cards – Year of Tiger edition are available in 3 versions: 1 double deck set “Tiger Unity - New Year Gift Set” and 2 single decks "Tiger Power: Tiger/Tigress–New Year Edition." “Tiger Unity” Black Playing Cards set is paired with one male and one female tiger, while a single deck “Tiger Power” is available to choose from either tiger or tigress as main pattern. On the dark black card back, the strong contrasted red and green leaves along with purple and white peonies are blossoming. The margins of plants are trimmed with gold lines, while the leaf stems and tiger, the protagonist, are varnished with raised gloss UV coating to create an indistinct stereoscopic texture.

A deck of Black Tiger playing cards contains 16 types of pose (the J, Q, K and Ace in each suit) of tiger, along with two Jokers, as well as suits with different colors—the club and spade are in white, while the heart and diamond are in red. When looking at the cards, you may get a vivid illusion that these nocturnal tigers in the African grasslands are rising to hunt; either walking elegantly or sitting leisurely, their lively dynamics are fully appeared on the cards. The graphics on black card face are designed in non-reflective, matte texture, making the card easy to read. In addition, with the gold bordered numbers glimmering in the dark, each poker game with the Black Tiger cards would be like a wild animal gathering in the deepest night, with a subtle, mysterious appeal that shimmering with wildness.

Kuo Kau’s Black Tiger Playing cards are not only suitable for the most high-class gifting option in the Lunar New Year of Tiger, but also compatible for collector-grade daily gifts. This version of black plastic cards is delicately crafted to the utmost detail, and can fully highlight the gift giver’s excellent taste.

Our cards are all made in Taiwan, with excellent quality assurance. Feeling like to customize your own Year of Tiger image playing cards? With your own LOGO, this set of card can be your unique and exclusive New Year greetings. Just contact us!

Minimum order of 1,008 decks.
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Material Black plastic thickness 0.31mm with matt finish. (PVC 0.31 black matt)
Coating Unique coating on both sides..
Card Size Bridge, 58x88mm.
Number of Cards 54 cards.
Face side Our design imprint.
Back side Our design imprint.
Packing Each deck is shrink wrapped in a plastic box.
Delivery packaging 36 decks in an inner box. 144 decks in a master carton.
12 decks in our design display box paid service is available.

Safety/Quality Approvals
CE-EN 71,Part 1,2,3/ASTM F 963/CPSIA