Artwork/ photo tips

What are the sizes of playing cards?
As the picture shows.

How to prepare images for print bleeding and what's the safe area of images?
As the picture shows.

What is the restriction of color for my artwork?
As the picture shows.

What should I know if I’d add special effects to my artwork?
As the picture shows.

What is your generic size of playing card?
Bridge size 58x88mm and Poker size 62x88mm
In Asia, it usually uses Bridge size card.
In America and Europe, it usually uses Poker size card.
If you are in Asia, you can still make Poker size. There is no restriction.

Can you do artwork design service?
We can assist you to add a simple design onto playing cards for print. For instance, sending us an existing logo or artwork that you wish to have printed onto playing cards. There will be process and design charge according to the image which might be simple or complex.