Paper Playing Cards

Kuo Kau's paper playing cards are available in ROYAL®, Queen®, and KING CARDS® brands, featuring different materials / textures, grips, and multilingual graphics. From bridge sizes for a variety of games, to international standard sizes for magic tricks and fancy shows, these decks are made to satisfy players from all over the world with various gaming needs.

Classical Deck of Royal Heritage
Originated from the European Aristocracy, this most widely played table game in the world has a deep influence on a variety of cultures. Produced with our dedicated spirit of "Royalty and Exquisite Craftsmanship,” the ROYAL brand has a delicate, easy-to-read International suit design, which perfectly weaves between the noble lineage of French-suited deck and the modern Poker culture. Definitely a must have for classic poker lovers.

The Queen Poker series features the Queen's Head logo on the Aces, providing players with a more elegant and unique design while retaining the classical style. The highly flexible, durable texture with waterproof coating offers a comfortable touch, great grip, and smooth gameplay, making shuffling and dealing cards a great experience.

Both are available in special decks such as two-deck set, large fonts, European-suited (German-suited), French-suited, Russian Playing Cards and Spanish Playing Cards.

KING CARDS® is perfectly made for ROMME, SKAT and DOPPELKOPF, the most popular German card games. These games require different numbers of cards, such as 55 for ROMME (including 3 Jokers), 32 for SKAT, and 50 for DOPPELKOPF. Feeling tired of regular poker? Try out these games in different cultures!

Premium Textures made for True Players
With finest printing technology, Kuo Kau has been creating high quality and durable decks of playing cards for 40 years. Made of European imported black core paper, these cards are opaque and tamper-proof. The accurate back pattern alignment, double-sided special water varnishing, and precise side cutting give the cards a luxurious luster at all angles.

Our materials are safe and non-toxic, completely free of formaldehyde, cadmium, lead, and potassium phosphate. Kuo Kau ensures safety for customers for long time playing and practicing.
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RBS310K000-A(Bridge size) / RPS310K000-A(Poker size)

ROYAL Paper Playing Cards - Standard Index
ROYAL was registered successfully in May, 1981. Royal evolves with Kuo Kau Paper Products ...

RBS310K000-B(Bridge size) / RPS310K000-B(Poker size)

ROYAL Paper Playing Cards - 4 Corner Index
Looking forward to seeing face side clearly? You can try our playing card paper board with ...

RBS310K000-J(Bridge size) / RPS310K000-J(Poker size)

ROYAL Paper Playing Cards - Jumbo Index
Wanna see face side of the playing card paper board clearly? You can try our Jumbo index.
N ...


ROYAL Paper Playing Cards - Low Vision Index
With over 40 years professional printing experience, we not only care about the public cus ...

RBS310K000-E (54cards) / RBS310K000-P (32cards)

ROYAL Paper Playing Cards - German Index
Paper playing cards, playing card paper board with 4 corner index is convenient for left-h ...

RBS310K000-F (54cards) / RBS310K000-N (32cards)

ROYAL Paper Playing Cards - French Index
Noble and Elegant Royal French Paper Playing Cards
French playing cards are cards using the ...

RBS310K000-R (54cards) / RBS310K000-S (36cards)

ROYAL Paper Playing Cards - Russian Index
Noble and Elegant ROYAL Russian Playing Cards
Russian playing cards are cards that were use ...

RSS310K000-A-942KB (blue) / RSS310K000-A-942KR (red)

Spanish Paper Playing Cards - 40 Cards
Kuo Kau launches the new Spanish-suited playing cards! With rich colors and iconic suits, ...

RSS310K000-B-942KB (blue) / RSS310K000-B-942KR (red)

Spanish Paper Playing Cards - 50 Cards
Kuo Kau launches the new Spanish-suited playing cards! With rich colors and iconic suits, ...


ROYAL SAMBA Playing Cards
SAMBA is an exciting derivative of the Canasta card game in which each player is dealt 15 ...


500 or five hundred, is a trick-taking game that is an extension of euchre with some ideas ...


EUCHRE Card Game
EUCHRE is a trick-taking card game commonly played in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Grea ...