Casino Playing Cards

Created for Casinos
Kuo Kau’s Queen®, King of King® and ARROW® casino poker decks are designed to meet the needs of different games, security requirements and gaming experiences in every casino. Customized graphics and logo printing are available.

Best Solution for Casinos
Queen® and King of King® are available in both paper and plastic playing cards, which are made of European imported black core paper and 100% high quality plastic to ensure high level opacity and temper-proof. The special waterproof coating and precise cutting give the cards a gorgeous gloss at all angles. The accurate back pattern alignment not only serves as a visual enjoyment, but also prevents gaming fraud in the casino, ensuring an exciting and fair gaming experience.

Various special decks are available to suit various needs for table games, such as anti-peep cards, four-corner indices cards, large font cards, and are all compatible with any kind of card shuffler. With our dedicated spirit of "Royalty and Exquisite Craftsmanship," Kuo Kau’s Queen® and King of King® serve their players to enjoy themselves like nobles in their busy lives.

Being widely chosen in the European market, ARROW® poker cards are crafted under zero-defect requirement and printed with finest detail. ARROW is the best solution for your casino and club to maintain perfection and quality, and to provide a high-class luxurious atmosphere.

Customized to Every Finest Detail
Kuo Kau’s Queen®, King of King® and ARROW® casino poker decks are completely free of formaldehyde, cadmium, lead, and potassium phosphate, and meet European and American safety standards. No matter where in the world your casino is located, we are always ready to prepare the best and safest playing cards for you and your customers.

We also offer custom graphics and logo printing services with a variety of back patterns to choose from. We can also print corporate logos, barcodes or UV markings. We are eager to serve you from every aspect with our over 40 years of professional printing technology.
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