Magic Playing Cards

Magicians occupy a place in entertainment industry. Magicians interweave elements of mystery, wonder, emotion and expression seamlessly. What’s the trick hid in the playing cards magic? Every juggler has his own tricks. Magic playing cards for the magic is also very important!

There are 2 types of magic playing cards: tapered magic cards and Svengali magic cards. Tapered magic card deck is attached with a manual card that you can easily learn how to play with the cards. Actually, on the upper-left corner of the card back there is mark which you can tell the suit and number. Besides, the up and down side width of the card are with 1 mm difference. Now you know every card secretly.

Svengali magic cards are with 27 cards 1mm shortened and which the suit and number are the same with 4 choices (Heart 7,Heart A, Heart 10 or Club Q). The 27 long cards are unvarnished on the face side which make the varnished 27 shortened cards attach to long cards. The 27 cards with the same suit and number are automatically hid.
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