Dragons of the East - Collection Cards

The Lunar New Year is approaching, and Kuo Kau has crafted a set of collectible cards for lovers of Eastern culture: Blessings of the Dragon. Bring in an auspicious Lunar New Year with the dragon! Looking for a spectacular corporate gift for the Year of the Dragon? How about an unforgettable holiday game? Well, this set of cards featuring dragons and mythical creatures from Eastern culture is it!

The Wind and Rain... Call Forth Auspicious Beasts!
Blessings of the Dragon was designed using traditional Chinese colors to depict auspicious Eastern dragon motifs. The four dragons in loquat yellow, navy blue, sorghum red, and celadon glaze each carry distinct meanings: Chang Long (Yellow) symbolizes prosperity and wealth, Chi-E (Blue) represents warding off disasters and dispelling misfortune, Qing-Xiao (Red) signifies the joy and vitality of festivals, and Long-Qi (Green) is a symbol of balance and blessings. Each type of dragon is featured on one of the four Ace cards.

Symbols of good fortune are also showcased on the number cards, including osmanthus, begonias, ginseng, and mugwort. Each element represents nobility, beauty, longevity, and blessings, respectively. The 10 cards feature other auspicious creatures, both real and mythical, such as cranes, koi, pixiu, and magpies. The Jacks, Queens, and Kings showcase the four dragons in a totally unique way, drawing them from the Jack all the way to the King. Each auspicious dragon is presented with distinct color schemes and physical forms, showcasing an array of magnificent patterns.

True Dragons, Bestowed Upon the Mighty!
From the cards' meticulous design to exquisitely selected materials, every detail showcases profound cultural significance and dedicated craftsmanship. These cards are printed on a matte plastic in the standard size of 63x88mm. This not only gives them a comfortable feel, but also makes them durable, waterproof, and easy to clean. They are convenient to carry and suitable for various gaming occasions, or as a personal or corporate gift.

Each set of Blessings of the Dragon comes in a beautifully designed, single-deck paper box. Against a deep black background, it features gold, blue, and red accents depicting auspicious clouds and a dragon head. This elegant and prestigious design makes it the perfect gift for family or friends, or as a corporate gift. Blessings of the Dragon is sure to showcase a sophisticated taste and cultural understanding. For customers looking for something even more eye-catching, double-deck sets are available, and are packaged in an elegantly designed plastic box.


Great Gift for the Year of the Dragon
Besides being the centerpiece for Lunar New Year gatherings, this set of designer playing cards is also an ideal holiday product for card collector shops, online bookstores, custom corporate gifts, and more. The Year of the Dragon is almost here! Whether you're a gift supplier, domestic distributor, retailer, wholesaler, bookstore, card shop, advertising agency, or any other corporate entity, invite your customers to bring in a lucky and prosperous new year with Blessings of the Dragon.

Kuo Kau's cards are manufactured in Taiwan, and are guaranteed to be of superior quality. We also offer customization services to ensure a totally unique gaming experience! Contact Kuo Kau if you are interested in customization and packaging. Minimum order quantity: 1,008 decks.
Dragons of the East - Collection Cards

Material White PVC, Thickness : 0.31MM
Coating Unique coating on both sides.
Card Size Poker, 63x88mm
Number of Cards 54 cards
Face side Our design imprint.
Back side Our design imprint.
Packing Designed Paper Box
Delivery Packaging 36 decks in an inner box.