Poems of Fortune - Transparent Playing Cards (Purple Qilin)

A perfect fusion of traditional blessings and modern design for the Lunar New Year! Auspicious Divination isn't just a set of playing cards, it is game and art at its finest. Immerse yourself in a culture with profound aesthetic sensibilities as you, friends, and family enjoy a game of cards during the Lunar New Year.

Endless Musing, Prolonged Blessings
The inspiration for Auspicious Divination is steeped in a rich history. These transparent playing cards are based on the seven-character quatrain poems seen on what are commonly called fortune sticks or lottery poems. And what suits the Lunar New Year better than auspicious blessings? These four-line poems include a divination story and instructions from a deity. The card designs focus on retaining the moral guidance of the verses, hoping to infuse players with positive blessings and open the mind. Each card back features an exquisite Qilin pattern, symbolizing fortune, benevolence, and protection.

The cards cleverly integrate traditional divination poetry, divided into four major themes: goldfish, swallows, plum blossoms, and cherry blossoms. These natural symbols represent a prosperous life, free dreaming, resilience, and hopeful aspirations. The two-color Joker cards, inspired by the concept of day and night, symbolize eternal protection. Interpreted through modern design, this approach showcases Eastern classic colors in a new light, revealing a fresh look on an ancient culture.
Poems of Fortune Transparent Playing Card EDM

An Exquisite Reinterpretation of Traditional Aesthetics
These cards are made in the standard bridge size, and use high-quality, non-toxic transparent plastic. The material ensures resistance to fading and wear, on top of being durable with excellent card feel. The design, reminiscent of stained-glass art, provides exquisite detail at an affordable price. The cards are tear-resistant, waterproof, and stain-proof, making sure that they remain in perfect condition even during the most festive holiday parties and family gatherings.

The Auspicious Divination luxury playing cards come in a single plastic box set, with two card back designs available: green and purple. The green Qilin design is crisp and elegant, while the purple Qilin exudes a sense of dignified luxury, both catering to the preferences of consumers of all ages and tastes.

Poems of Fortune - Transparent Playing Card_Purple Qilin
Poems of Fortune - Transparent Playing Card_Purple Qilin_design

With these Cards in Hand, Auspicious Joy Awaits!
Besides being the centerpiece for Lunar New Year gatherings, this set of transparent playing cards is also an ideal holiday product for card collector shops, online bookstores, custom corporate gifts, and more. Whether you're a gift shop, domestic distributor, wholesaler, retailer, bookstore, specialized card shop, or advertising agency, the Auspicious Divination deck is absolutely perfect for Chinese clients and/or enthusiasts of Eastern culture. Especially during the Lunar New Year!

We also provide customization services, allowing clients to print their company's logo on the card box, creating a unique and corporate or personal gift beaming with cultural elegance. Kuo Kau game cards are manufactured in Taiwan, and are guaranteed to be of superior quality. We also offer customization services to ensure that your gaming experiences are a surefire hit! Contact Kuo Kau if you are interested in customization and packaging. Minimum order quantity: 1,008 decks.
Poems of Fortune - Category
Material Transparent PVC, Thickness 0.27mm
Coating Unique coating on both sides.
Card Size Bridge, 58x88mm
Number of Cards 54 cards
Face side Our design imprint.
Back side Our design imprint.
Packing Each deck is shrink wrapped in a plastic box.
Delivery Packaging 36 decks in an inner box.